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Recent Publications



Grigione, M, Peterson, MC, Sarno, RJ. Accepted. Managing wildlife amidst development: A case study of sustaining mountain lion populations in California. In: Suburban Sustainability (eds. Brinkmann, R, Guerrin, S), U. Florida Press.

Grigione, M, Daugherty, LF, List, R, Rushton, J, Sarno, R. 2018. The Sustainability of Vicuña Conservation in Bolivia. In: the Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability (eds. Brinkmann, R, Guerrin, S.), 10.1007/978-3-319-71389-2_10.


Grigione, M.M, Elbroch, M., Kusler, A.A., Soto, N., Sarno, R.J. 2017. Rancher attitudes toward pumas and other wildlife in southern Chile. Cat News No 65, 13-16.


Sarno, R.J., Grigione, M.M., Higa, A., Childers, E., Ecoffey, T. 2017. The association between continual, year-round hunting and bellowing rate of bison bulls during the rut. PeerJ 5:e3153; DOI 10.7717/peerj.3153



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